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How to remove a credit card from Aliexpress

How to remove your credit card information, which, for one reason or another remained in the store when buying Aliexpress.

Credit card details are stored on Aliexpress usually in two places: in the fields, when filling out credit card data during the order process and when Alipay (if you activate it).

Remove the credit card data from Alipay on Aliexpress

Authorize yourself in your account Alipay and go to the section - edit maps - delete the necessary card information.

Remove the credit card data from Aliexpress

The data on the card keeps Aliexpress not the store itself, and the browser you are using. Consider deleting data on your Chrome example. On the payment stage, or rather the input credit card details click double-click in one of the fields. In the drop-down list you will see the saved data. And at the very end of the list label in small print - Set auto-complete forms. After you click to open a dialog box with all stored data! There, and you can remove them.

The second way to remove the data card. Browser Settings - Advanced Settings delete data auto form filling - choose what to delete.

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