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How does delivery Aliexpress?

Introductory article about the delivery of goods to Aliexpress for those who are not familiar with the store and how it works. Answering common questions.

The principle of delivery Aliexpress

Delivery on all orders from Aliexpress carry international mail services. Enumerate them will not be as many of them. In general Aliexpress service works as follows: you paid the order - the seller collects the parcel and transfers to be sent - then posting gets into various sorting centers in China and in the end it ends the way China Customs. Only after that begins shipping to your country by train, by sea, by air. Then, posting falls on the recipient country's customs and delivery process starts in the opposite direction - sorting centers - post office - post office.

Delivery parcels Aliexpress finishes at your local branch of the national mail (Ukrpochta, Russian Post, Belpochta etc.)

How long does delivery from Aliexpress?

As a rule, the delivery to the recipient from Aliexpress takes 14 to 40 days, depending on the recipient country, the delivery service, the volume and weight of the parcel. This applies to both paid and free delivery.

Choosing a courier to deliver a Aliexpress

When viewing any product on Aliexpress can select mail, which will be delivered by parcel, as well as find out the cost of delivery.

Free Shipping Aliexpress

The concept is very abstract, as a courier in any event charge for delivery! The question is who pays for it, you or the seller. Consider an example.

There are two of the same stick - one is $ 6 with a mark free shipping, and the other 5%, but when ordering from you will be charged $ 1 for shipping. That is, in the first case, the seller is laid in the cost of delivery for the price tag for free.

The second case. You buy, for example, a video camera - free shipping ... and two video cameras can automatically activate a paid delivery, as a consequence of increase in the volume of parcels! To keep the free shipping, it makes sense to split the order into two parts.

Paid delivery on Aliexpress

The advantage of the paid delivery is the ability to track the parcels along the way, insurance packages and the speed of delivery. However, the price paid delivery can negate all the savings in purchases in China.

Delivery Details Aliexpress

1. To preserve the free delivery seller can independently divide your order into several parcels. You this, incidentally, is also not prohibited.

2. Buying from different vendors do not expect that your orders will come at the same time and in a single package.

3. Depending on the courier and shipping costs can be tracked and vice versa.

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