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How does Aliexpress work and work principles

We explain the principle of the Chinese online store Aliexpress. How does delivery and payment in the store work, buyer protection and much more. The work of Aliexpress is an international buyer.

If you are reading this article, then most likely you have already heard about the Aliexpress store and are ready to make your first purchase. However, like any normal buyer, you would like to get acquainted with the principles of work and generally in general learn how Alyexpress works. That's about this and talk. Aliexpress has been on the market for more than 7 years and has not gone a short way from a modest, trustworthy store to a full-fledged international hypermarket.

Features of the work of the store Aliexpress
If you look globally, the principle of the work of the Aliexpress store does not differ from the work usual for us, online stores in our countries! However, there are several nuances.

Firstly, the store is located in China, and your orders will accordingly be sent therefrom. And this means that the delivery will take from 10 to 40 days. Secondly, the store works on 100% advance payment. But do not worry, the buyer's protection system will not let you deceive. Ie when you pay the order the seller does not immediately receive the money, but only after you confirm receipt! Payment is carried out in the usual ways: WebMoney, Yandex money, credit cards, Kiwi and many others. There are even ways for cash.

Thirdly, to return the goods for you will be a real problem, or rather impossible.

Fifth, delivery is carried out by international postal couriers and delivered to your regional post office.

In the sixth, the delivery is both paid and free.

Seventh and very important! The work of Alyekspress differs from other stores in that there are products from thousands of sellers and manufacturers. Ie, you can find the same product at different prices.

Principle something like this. I think you understand how the Aliexpress store works. Yes, by the way it is fully available in Russian. During the holidays, the store organizes sales and makes many gifts.

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