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How is the refund on Aliexpress?

How is the treatment and compensation of cash, when prompted to store Aliexpress.

And so you cancel the order or the matter has been closed in your favor, and you may compensate for part of the funds for the poor-quality goods - in any case, the process starts automatically cash compensation. The process is initialized and takes place automatically, and its terms, you can not affect in any way! The only thing that compensation last less time at the holders A4 buyer status.

As a rule, any refund on Aliexpress takes 10 to 14 days. Compensation money is held in three stages:

Expected compensation - to be confirmed by the operations center Aliexpress to compensation.

reimbursement of treatment - implementation of transaction processing center Aliexpress.

Compensation completed - funds sent to the original source of payment. That is, if the payment was with credit card, the refund will take place exactly on it.

How to get a refund, if the card does not exist / deadline expired card?

What happens is that at the time of refund bank card does not exist, but it does not matter. Compensation in any case will be made to your bank. You just will need to contact those. support of his bank.

Compensation Aliexpress to WebMoney?

Usually, a refund via WebMoney takes 7-10 business days. The process is automatic. If you have not received your refund, please contact WebMoney, for more information.

Compensation Aliexpress at Western Union?

Usually, a refund by Western Union takes 7-10 business days.

We advise you to do the following:

  • Sign in My Booking.
  • Locate your order and click "View details"
  • Click "Payment" and locate the MTCN

Please go to the Western Union website and apply for a refund of your money within 45 days. If you do not have time to return the money within a specified period, they will be returned on AliExpress. Please note, during the second return of commission. When you return automatically via Western Union commission USD $ 7,5.

Compensation Aliexpress the account Alipay?

For payment methods via Western Union, Wire Transfer, Boleto, WebMoney can be returned to the Alipay. You can specify a user-friendly you a refund, from the following link: <https://intl.alipay.com/user/profile.htm>. But you know - money Alipay can bude spend only on subsequent orders in the store Aliexpress.

Compensation Aliexpress on Yandex money

After the return is confirmed, you will receive an SMS with instructions - on the phone, which came with the purchase code for cash payment.

Follow the link from the SMS - you will find yourself on the site Yandex, on the page for the money.

Enter the code from the SMS in a special field, he makes sure that the money you get it.

Specify the number of purse in Yandex or just open a new one. If you have a new purse or anonymous account, you will need your passport details. If something goes wrong, write to support service Yandex.

Compensation Aliexpress on QIWI?

Normally, the return of cash via QIWI takes 7-10 business days. In order to see the return of funds, please log into your Qiwi Wallet and change the settings with the ruble to the dollar bill. If you can not find the information on the return, please check your balance is attached to your new order.

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