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How will the Chinese New Year to work and delivery Aliexpress?

New Year in China, also known as Spring Festival in China are beginning to celebrate February 19, 2015. Chinese New Year is the most important and ambitious festival, which originated in ancient China. Preparing a holiday usually begins in advance and takes a long time.

Public holiday in China officially lasted from 18 February to 23 February. But many businesses will cease to have a week before the holidays, and at least another week after the holidays. This also caused long delays in the collection and dispatch of parcels from China.

How it affects chinese new year on the job site Aliexpress? Over what period will be sent an order to the Aliexpress.

Typically, the store itself Aliexpress warns its customers about the upcoming holiday mail and news blog. Themselves as sellers try to get back to work as quickly as possible, but the rest of factory and production do not allow to do it. Conscientious sellers usually take orders and actively communicate with customers - holidays it is not a hindrance. But they unsubscribe, indicating the date of dispatch (This date coincides with the beginning of the factory and mail couriers)

Since official holidays last 7 days, many transport companies to quickly regain their job, but the factories and suppliers can not work at their own discretion for a few days. So the Chinese New Year Aliexpress can affect the performance and delivery.

Timing sellers shipping point from about 10 to 20 days, when, in the normal mode is 3-10 days. Nothing wrong with that, make their orders as usual, nothing bad will happen.

Summarize. Delivery times during the Chinese new year increased on average by 10 days, and that's the trouble. Can you wait out this period, but it does not make sense, believe me. By the way, on the eve of Ali, during and after the New Year celebrations are crazy discounts, sellers distribute coupons and gifts, and the shop holds contests and sweepstakes. New Year in China (Aliexpress) can bring many benefits to the detriment of an increased delivery times to your country.

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