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How quickly on Aliexpress find products with an ideal price-quality ratio

One of the options to find products in Aliexpress store with a good price-performance ratio, as well as finding popular items among shoppers.

The search filters Aliexpress goods store has a very useful sort function, which will help us to quickly find not only popular products in the store, but also at a nice price.

Principle This method can even be used as a search for sellers with a lot of sales, and hence reliable sellers.

So how does it work? For example, we went to one of the sections of the store, no matter which way the links, through a catalog or from the search. At the top of the list of goods is always present sort by price, rating, and other characteristics. We are interested in sorting by price - but we will not ask her hand, and trust sales Aliexpress showgirl. You must find scale (similar to the diagram) from 5 sections, each of which is shaded to varying degrees. These sections are popular price ranges, which vary the price of the goods desired by you.

For example. We are looking for a mobile phone. And leads to these charts, we can see what users are more price range give their preference. And by clicking on them, you can see all these phones.

That's basically it. We can not of course regard this method as the ideal solution to find products with good value for money is concerned, but as an option it is.

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