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Where and how to receive a parcel from Aliexpress?

It seems to be such a simple question, but there are a lot of nuances! In this article we will talk about how and where, receive parcels from the Chinese online store Aliexpress.

You have chosen, paid and now expect your order from Aliexpress. But where and how to receive it? In general, everything is very simple - as a rule, all parcels from international mail come to the national post offices:

Ukraine - Ukrposhta
Russia - Post of Russia
Kazakhstan - Kazpost
Belarus - Belposhta

You can receive the package at the post office of the postal code you indicated when filling out the shipping address. If you receive a parcel with Aliexpress, you will be notified either by phone or by calling in a mailbox. To receive the parcel you will need a document confirming the identity.

Since 2017, in Ukraine, New Post and Mist Express have also taken delivery of parcels. Mist Express delivers parcels directly under the door. New mail calls and updates where? On the branch or under the door.

So, I think you understand where you can get the parcel with Aliexpress when she comes.

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