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Photo on AliExpress

We discuss everything related to the photo on Aliexpress: reviews, photos, search, real photos of orders. And specifically in this article we will consider such questions:

How to find products in photo by Aliexpress
Can I trust the photos of Aliexpress?
How to find the goods on Aliexpress on a photo or a picture?

Very often, users of Aliexpress ask to help find the product, having only his photo or picture. Today we will tell you how it can be done.

All you need to find the goods on Alyexpress on the photo is naturally the picture itself and the Google image search. And so open the search Google or Yandex, the service search for pictures and drag into the search bar our photo. The search engine will provide a list of resources where such a photo occurs. Naturally looking for a list of Aliekspress.

How on Aliexpress to find reviews with real, real photos

Where and how to read reviews with real photos on Aliexpress ?. Everything is pretty simple - you need to go to the description of the product and select the Reviews tab. Next, tick the photo and get only comments with real photos of the goods.

Can I trust the photos of Aliexpress?

Go to the point! Photos to the goods on Aliexpress often differ from reality. Do not forget that photos of Aliexpress (especially shoes, clothes, accessories, ornaments) are made in studio shooting conditions, and also processed. But, as a rule, if you scroll through the description of the goods, then below you can find real photos.

Also common mistake is to determine the size of the photo! A close-up photograph of a thing is difficult to visualize! Do not trust photos of AliExpress sales people. Again, in the description there are always true dimensions.

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