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Shipping and Payment when shopping from Aliexpress

Payment Order Aliexpress carried out in advance, before heading to the full. Cash on delivery at the post office upon delivery is not possible.

Amount to be calculated on the basis of the board of the dollar against your currency, if the foreign currency account to pay the amount, such as shown on the website. Please note that the dollar exchange rate on Aliexpress may differ from the course of the payment system or a bank through which the payment will be carried out.

Payment Aliexpress

Payment on Aliexpress is instant, but the payment is verified and confirmed by the shop within 24 hours (usually much faster). On the status of the payment can be followed in the order information, just come to the post office notified the confirmation of payment. Pay the order on Aliexpress in several ways. Consider the basic and recommended one. Payment cards Aliexpress order - shop accepts any cards of international payment systems VISA, Maestro, MasterCard. If you pay by credit card an order can be paid regardless of the currency of your account - whether the ruble, hryvnia and the euro, the funds will be automatically converted at the exchange rate in the dollar. It is very comfortable. Yes, and in which case, funds will also automatically return to your account. Payment Aliexpress order Yandex Money - the payment is made from your electronic purse or a card attached to it. The second option to obtain a special code. You will receive a code by which can pay cash through terminals and mobile shops. The Commission does not (only for Russia). Payment order Aliexpress Pay Pal goes through the standard procedure, nor any peculiarities.

Delivery goods from Aliexpress

Delivery of goods is carried out with Aliexpress Chinese international postal service: China Post air mail, HongKong Post, EMS, DSL, UPC and others. The methods differ in cost and speed. China Post or HongKong, as a rule, free shipping on Aliexpress, or its value is not significant. Parcels depending on the weight and volume are ferried by air or sea-train. Both paid and free shipping to Aliexpress takes 15 to 45 days on average. Sending eventually gets to your local post office with the index that you specified on the website Aliexpress.

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