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What is expected on sending Aliexpress

What is the status of waiting to be sent, in the list of your orders Aliexpress store

If you asked this question, then, most likely, this is your first purchase. Just want to say that should not be afraid - everything is good. During the time of payment and to give you send this status be replaced more often. For more information about the status of all orders Aliexpress read in a separate article.

Let me try to explain to you what it is, and in which case we see the order status 'will send'. The status will usually send the fourth in the chain:

  • anticipated payment
  • We expect payment confirmation
  • Payment is confirmed
  • It is waiting to be sent

As soon as the order status changes to send expected, starts ticking timer. Usually, it is from 3 to 10 days. During this time, the seller must pack and ship your package by giving the track number for tracking. In this case, the status change to the order sent.

If the parcel within this deadline will not be sent to your money back. Sometimes the seller simply do not have time to send a parcel and requests additional bit of time - in this case, the order details, you can extend for a couple of days time frame to send. This often happens after the massive sales in Aliexpress store, and there is nothing to worry about. After all, you may cancel your order at this price do not find the desired item.

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