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What is the group purchases on Aliexpress?

So, most likely, you have often heard question - what to aliexpress group purchases and buying in group purchases on aliexpress? In this review we will try to answer these questions, give some advice and dispel myths surrounding this topic. Features of group purchases.

First of all, we pay tribute to the Chinese store Aliexpress - he took care of the Russian-speaking population of the planet (well still miss many customers ...) and created an analogue 'Supers Dials' which is present in the English version of the store. In the Russian version of Ali - this is our 'Group buy'. Well, let everything in order and detail.

Group buy. The first mention

The first group of the purchases I have learned from social networks. At the beginning of trading in the social. Networks goods from China could meet the thousands of groups that offered to buy the goods collectively. ... It could be as single items or entire categories of products. But the sense of joint purchases was the fact that the administration is willing to collect a coin (most likely with a wrap for their services); collect a certain number of people, make orders and sending (a paid service EMS, DHL or TNT) is sent to the customer and sends later he was the ultimate buyer.

As we said earlier, the Chinese have taken care of us mortals and illiterate :) In the interpretation Aliexpressa group purchases operate quite differently - or rather, as usual, as a normal purchase. That is, once the section of group buying, you normally put the shopping bag, pay and wait for your order at the local post office. Ignore the timers and the number of orders - it's all nonsense. The process of ordering, payment and delivery takes place as usual.

By the way, a couple of tips from seasoned buyers. The principle applies to all purchases:

1. Do not rush you like to order the goods, its presence in the section of group purchases does not mean that this is the lowest price for it! Look for it at other merchants. 

2. If you have money and you seriously intend to buy goods, then due immediately ... sellers can raise the price. 

3. Payment is best done with electronic wallets such as Webmoney, Yandex Money, Pay Pal and credit cards VISA, MasterCard and others ... As in the case of a refund which does not bring problems and played back automatically into the account from which the payment is received.

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