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What is the guarantee of authenticity for Aliexpress?

Goods on the Aliexpress with a note of guarantee of authenticity. How to identify products that fall under the guarantee of authenticity in Alyexpress? Guarantee of the authenticity or refund of the payment, including the cost of delivery.

What is the guarantee of authenticity for Aliexpress?

As you have probably noticed, in addition to Chinese brands, well-known world manufacturers such as Samsung, Lenovo, Bosch, Panasonic and so on began to appear on Aliexpress. This is precisely the guarantee of authenticity applied to this group of goods. Guarantee Aliexpress will protect you from copies and fakes. For example, if you receive some rubbish in the shell of a Samsung phone instead of the original, for example, you are guaranteed to receive monetary compensation in full, and the seller will pay for the return of the goods.

How can I be sure that the goods I purchase are genuine?

Goods and sellers who participate in the program guarantee the authenticity are marked with a special sign as shown in the figure below. At the moment, there is not much such goods for Aliexpress, as this type of buyer protection was introduced recently by the store administration.

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