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Ala express, Ali express, Alle express: chances are you are looking for Aliexpress.com

Ala express, Ali express, Al Express: common mistakes of job seekers searching for the Chinese online store Aliexpress.com.

Although this Chinese store has been working for a long time, there still remains the lion's people who do not know about it or just heard it. That's it, this group of people, trying to find this site on their own, make mistakes in writing a search query and accordingly get in the wrong direction.

And so if you hit our site and read this article - it means you also wrote wrong! Something in the spirit: ala express, ali express, alle express. To not be ashamed to say right away - the correct name is Aliexpress (Aliexpress), and the address of the Russian version of ru.aliexpress.com. Please note that the official website of the store is written exactly like this - no intermediaries and representative offices exist.

And if you suddenly found yourself on the English version of the AliExpress website, it's very easy to change it to Russian Ali. To do this, in the upper right corner, find the word Language. Clicking on it you can choose the language convenient for you: at the moment the site is fully translated into Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French.

And also a convenient currency for you: rubles, hryvnia, dollars, euros and so on. So as you can see the store take any form convenient for you: Ali can be Russian and in rubles or hryvnia, Ali can be in Ukrainian in dollars and any other combination.

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