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Alipay on Aliexpress Store - advantages, disadvantages, instruction manual

Alipay - similar to the well-known payment system PayPal. Available completely in Russian and is designed to help users to make purchases in China.

Goals and objectives Alipay

Among the main goals and objectives of Alipay there are two main ones: 1. protect your personal information; 2. to simplify the buying in Chinese stores. All other benefits Alipay insignificant and do not deserve attention.

Benefits Alipay

Using Alipay while shopping, you will protect your personal data and to simplify the procedure of payment.

For example, every time you buy something, you have to enter all the details of your credit card! And suddenly you have a virus on your computer? Your data can get to the attackers! With Alipay is not excluded. You will have to enter a password only by Alipay and likely then confirming the password of your SMS payment system (bank, electronic money).

Another example. You often make a purchase on Aliexpress using various payment systems and you have to constantly introduce various details. By connecting your system to Alipay, it can not continue to deal with.

Disadvantages Alipay

Special deficiencies have been identified by using other than a bit confusing interface, although it is a bit confusing. And so is quite possible to enjoy. The system is young, not just break in.

To go deep and do reprints of already existing information will not. All the instructions for connection, disconnection and removal in Alipay is on the site.

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