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Aliexpress freeze order

What does it mean and what to do if your order at the store Aliexpress froze.

Sometimes it happens that people are faced with a rare order status as frozen. How to deal with such a status and generally, why freeze orders Aliexpress? Picture freeze order looks like, as shown in the figure.

The reason for the order to freeze one - this suspicion of the seller, which you placed in the fraud. Order blocks the administration of the store Ali, so there is nothing wrong with that, and do not worry.

From you, too, no action is required. Everything happens automatically. Seller verification procedure lasts from one to five days, and it expires may be several outcomes:

  • The order will be canceled, your money will be refunded to your account
  • The order will be thawed and then everything goes according to the standard procedure of sending and delivery from China
  • The order will be canceled and then offer to repeat the order.

What to do if a long time do not return the money after a freezing order? It happens that the shop will automatically return the funds to your account Alipay shop. The first is to check there.

If the order is canceled, reimbursement status can be checked in the ordering information. To do this, go to the list of orders, order and find a frozen Hit more. Next, find the payment tab and go to it.

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