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Aliexpress in English

How to buy in the Chinese online store Aliexpress (Aliexpress) in English?

And so, you decided to make your first purchase at the international store, Alyexpress. For those who do not know, in Ali you can buy fully in English - all categories, product names, their description and even communication with many sellers will be in English!

To buy goods in Aliexpress in English you can use two methods:

Aliexpress in English is the first way. Just go directly to the English version of the site - aliexpress.com.

Aliexpress in English is the second way. If you suddenly found yourself on Ali's English site, you need to do the following: First, on any of the Aliexpress pages in the top right corner of the store, find the word Language. Secondly, by clicking on it, a list will drop out, in which you will find the Site in English. Clicking, you will get on Aliexpress in English (Aliexpress.com).

Despite the fact that there is Aliexpress in Russian, many goods are still translated very mediocrely. Most often this is automatically translated. However, everything is intuitively clear. With some sellers, it's easy to communicate in English with an interpreter. And untranslated pieces of text can be done in Russian with the help of Google-translate.

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