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Aliexpress money

Money for Aliexpress - return, cancellation, compensation, compensation. And other general issues relating to money and finances at Aliexpress.

Consider the most common questions about the refund on Aliexpress store - whether cancellation or refund; consider questions about the timing of the refund on Aliexpress.

Whether to return money to Aliexpress?

Aliexpress would return the money if it is necessary and does not violate the rules of the marketplace. Read more - in some cases, acts refund.

In some cases, you return money to Aliexpress?

Refunds Aliexpress can be carried out in the following cases: the order has been canceled by you or vendor dispute request has been closed in your favor Aliexpress found cheater - and even if the goods have been sent to you, most likely, you will get back the money and have a chance to get even and order !

Whether to return money if you cancel your order?

Yes, if the order was canceled for the duration of order processing (usually 10 days), the money will be returned to you on account of (bank card, PayPal, WebMoney, Yandex Money, etc.)

Do not come with money Aliexpress

Money in any case be returned for about 3-10 days. Further delays may arise only from your payment system. In this case it is necessary to apply to the. support.

How is the refund on Aliexpress store?

Money after a decision returned automatically and do not require your participation. Refunds on WebMoney, Yandex (Yandex money), QIWI as automatic.

How to track a refund from Aliexpress?

To find out whether the payment has been sent, you must go to the list of orders - ordering information - Finance.

What kind of money to use for shopping in the Aliexpress?

I recommend to pay orders bank cards VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO. Refunds with Aliexpress them the fastest and most comfortable. Minus one - it is less cost-effective than other methods.

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