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Aliexpress: for free, in Russian, in rubles or hryvnias

Aliexpress: for free, in Russian, in rubles or hryvnia. How does it work in reality? Features of free delivery, translation and conversion of prices in Aliexpress

Today we talk about some features of the Chinese online store Aliexpress when making purchases in Russian in rubles or hryvnia. We will uncover some aspects of free delivery of Aliexpress. We will tell you how the actual price of the order is formed and much more. Then continue in the question-and-answer format.

Aliexpress in Russian in hryvnia or rubles - is it true?

Yes, of course, the store Aliexpress is fully available in Russian (en.aliexpress.com). And to buy in Aliexpress in hryvnia or rubles it is enough to change the currency. To learn the course of Aliexpress and the actual amount that will be written off from you, read the article: "How to find out the real dollar exchange rate for Aliexpress when paying with hryvnia or ruble cards. Correct recalculation of prices of Aliexpress in hryvnia and rubles. "

What's really free on Aliexpress?

In fact, for Aliexpress, nothing is given for free except for the delivery and the Freebie section. And then in order to participate in the lottery you will have to perform certain actions: write reviews, put likes, add to favorites. And yes, you were transferred to the Russian language by the Chinese store Aliexpress for free :)

Free Shipping Aliexpress exists?

Free delivery The concept of AliExpress is very abstract, since the courier in any case will charge a shipping fee! The question is who pays you or the seller. Consider the example.

There are two identical flash drives - one costs $ 6 with a mark for free shipping, and another $ 5, but when you make an order, you will be charged $ 1 for shipping. That is, in the first case, the seller laid the cost of shipping for the sake of the label for free.

The second case. You buy, for example, one video camera - the delivery is free ... and two cameras can automatically activate paid delivery, in consequence of the increase in the volume of the parcel! To save free shipping it makes sense to split the order into two parts.

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