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Ali Express ru in Russian in rubles

How to make Chinese online store Aliexpress.com Russian-speaking, and prices translated into rubles. Official website of Aliexpress.

Let's start with the fact that no ali express.ru and ali express.ru does not exist, and even if there is this is not an official website of the store. The official store website is www.aliexpress.com or aliexpress.com. Now let's move on to the issue of translating the Ali Express store into Russian, and let's specify the currency in rubles.

In order to make Aliexpress Russian it is necessary either to go directly to the Russian version of the site - en.aliexpress.com, or in the upper right corner find the word Language and click on it to choose Russian language.

Now regarding the currency of the store. Also in the upper right corner find a drop-down menu with a choice of the country of delivery and the flag icon. In this menu you can select your country for calculating the shipping cost and the currency of the store.

By the way we want to draw your attention that the main currency of the store in any case is the dollar and you will pay in dollars. The currency changes purely for your convenience. The final payment amount will be converted into your currency at the rate of your payment system.

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