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Aliexpress com in Russian

Aliexpress in Russian, in fact, is the site of Ali Express. It is not clear why he was so called, but, nevertheless, a lot of requests, let's talk more about the product, how to make an order, pay for and receive parcels at the post office.

Aliexpress in Russian

To get to the store and make it in Russian have to do the following:

Go to site ru.aliexpress.com

Or on Aliexpress.com and select the settings store your country and the display language of the site.

Aliexpress - millions of Chinese goods with the ability to send all over the world. Shop combines hundreds of Chinese merchants and manufacturers who are willing to sell you their products at sweet prices. This is no ordinary shop, it is the whole electronic market with goods all directions: clothing, footwear, electronics, and even teas.

Aliexpress in Russian rubles

In the same menu where you select a country and language, select the currency Ruble (RUB). Also available in currencies like the dollar, euro and hryvnia.

Delivery to Aliexpress

Delivery of goods to the store is an average of 10 to 35 days depending on the shipping method (air or sea) and the cost (or free thieves). Shipments arrive, usually at your local branch for new mail or courier representative in your city. For the safety of the premises do not worry, Aliexpress on the market for more than 5 years - 99% of all cases to reach its destination.

Payment goods Aliexpress

There are many ways to pay for the purchase by credit cards, money transfers and electronic payment systems. It works to protect the buyer from unscrupulous sellers.

Shop Aliexpress allows you to shop from the comfort of home, all Russian-speaking users, without any knowledge of English. Goods from China (Aliexpress) can be an excellent analogue of expensive products that you have previously bought at inflated prices. To achieve maximum benefit buying oversized items weighing up to 2 kg. Such parcels from China will be sent to you by Air Mail, and with free shipping.

All products are grouped into Aliexpress Russian, finding products will have no difficulty. In the search box the name of the product, you can write in both Russian and English.

For more information about how to order, buy and pay for orders online store Aliexpress read on our website under ALIEXPRESS STORE

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