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Alex Express - official site in english

The correct name and address of the online store Chinese products Alex Express (Alex express). What hides behind the erroneous name of the Alex Express?

And so, many users in search of the famous Chinese store Ali Express allow a lot of mistakes in its name, getting at the wrong sites. Ie entering into the search for example: alex express, alex express official website, alex express shop and so on, you most likely have a website Aliexpress.com or its English version of en.aliexpress.com. Alex express is Aliexpress.

Here's an example of a list of the most common mistaken search queries:

Alex express
Alex express in English
Shop alex express
Alex express internet
Alex express online store
Shop alex express in English
Alex express internet in english
Alex express online store in english
Alex express in English
Site alex express
Alex express official

How to make Alex Express in English?

Everything is pretty simple - or go directly to the official page of the store Alex - aliexpress.com. Or we find the word "Language" in the upper right corner of the site and click on it to choose English. Please note that the official website of the Alex store is only a site with the domain Aliexpress.com - everything else is copies or fakes.

So if you are trying to search according to the store alex, alex online store, alex express shop, alex express online store, alex online store English, then I think you need exactly the site Aliexpress.

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