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Hardware from China

Hardware from China Hardware from China

The next review article in this time we devote a very large and controversial, reviews, section - Hardware (China). Thousands of products from the screw to the processor on the shelves of Chinese stores Aliexpress.


Just we want to emphasize that this review is very subjective, and based on our analysis of the goods and collected feedback from the Internet directly from the Aliexpress. So do not take as a guide to action, but as the unwrapped review.

Section of computer accessories in China, includes absolutely everything: processors, motherboards, memory, hard drives and more.

Assortment of processors and motherboards there is a very strong backlog of real art market - apparently it causes such low prices. Rather, just sold out the remains, and the production of Taiwan, not China. When you try to compare prices Aliexpress prices in Ukraine and Russia, we came up against the status - Previous - and it only confirmed the assumption.

As RAM and hard drive prices are lower by about 10%, so it is better to overpay in the store and get hold of a guarantee.

By all accounts, computer accessories from China about 85 by 15 per cent in a positive way. Basically, all products correspond to the description, in time reach unharmed.

So what to buy or not to buy Chinese computer accessories business especially yours! Thank you for attention

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