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How to buy a DVR in China (Aliexpress)

How to buy a DVR in China (Aliexpress) How to buy a DVR in China (Aliexpress)

Tips, advice and customer reviews on how to choose and buy the DVR to Aliexpress. How to save money on buying a DVR at the same time do not buy the "full China."

Today we talk about one of the most popular products among the automotive electronics: video recorders, video recorders with two or more cameras, the DVR as a mirror and many other kinds of recorders. Next, we consider in detail the basic tips on choosing a DVR Aliekspressa as not to fall for the bait swindler, how to pay and buy the DVR in China, how to choose a DVR decent quality for little money and many other questions.

Search DVR to store Aliexpress

The first thing to do is go to the section Auto goods - electronics - DVRs. Well, or just write in the search Aliekspressa - 'DVRs cars'. In order not to trouble himself much and just get on proven sellers in advanced search sort by popularity recorders (highest rating). The surf basically everything - open whichever DVR and start to study commodity.

Selection of the DVR on Aliexpress

Well, in the first step is difficult to give advice. As they say the taste and color of all the markers are different ... A great variety of form factors DVR: classic, frog, with two cameras, a mirror, turning in a salon, with installation on the dashboard, and others. Open in separate windows vending DVRs and start to study the characteristics and equipment.

  • What to look for when buying a DVR in China
  • the presence of Russian language
  • camera angle
  • recording speed (frames per second is not less than 30)
  • Night Scene
  • Motion sensor only if the DVR is turned on constantly. I personally switched on as soon as the key is inserted into the ignition. Therefore, this option was not interesting to me.
  • Video Resolution (less than 1280 * 960 is not recommended. Small details such as license plates will be hard to discern)
  • Loop recording (when the memory card is removed later recording. Moreover, the possibility of setting up a desirable recording time for each segment).
  • Sample videos. (Each Mighty seller always puts in the description with screenshots of the DVR during the day and at night)
  • And of course customer reviews on DVR. Reviews from Aliekspress recorder can be read at the end of the description.

Price DVR on Aliexpress

The price for a particular type of DVR can be changed only in one case - a complete set. Options usually involves retrofitted memory card. Here strongly recommend not to take the memory card out of China. Firstly, for the video card to be tenth class. Second, who knows what you will - as practice shows with the stick with Aliekspress you may not get the stated amount of memory. Therefore it is better to fork out and buy a memory card in their own city. Using a memory card class below the tenth fraught with braking on the record and failure.

DVR with Aliexpress reviews

Reviews of DVRs from China are quite diverse - both good and bad. But I'll tell you on their practice that a bad review written by people who came to the choice of car irresponsible registrar and overtook the cheap! Personally, I bought more than 10 video recorders with Aliekspressa and never disappointed! At the end of this article I will provide links to the registrars that I ordered from vendors store Aliexpress.

DVR from China (Aliexpress)

Again, trust me on word that all DVRs from China - in the store, on the market, the online stores - just under some brand and instruction in Russian! That's all. With regard to the guarantee of Ali ... yes, you do not get it, but 3 months from the store too is not much solves the problem.

mised, here are links to the DVR from China, which I bought. And a bonus video overview of the DVR from China, which at the moment is in my car.

How to buy a DVR in China (Aliexpress)

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