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Electronics from China - Aliexpress Shop

Electronics from China - Aliexpress Shop Electronics from China - Aliexpress Shop

And so we got to the discussion section of the Chinese store Aliekspress. Not a small number of conflicting opinions and reviews you can find on the internet about the Chinese electronics and spare parts.


China Electronics

Electronics from China combined the sections such as computers and networks, consumer electronics, telephones and mobile devices. As well as such popular brands: Ainol, Cube, Kingston, Canon, Samsung, HTC. Speaking of the "noname" (without the brand goods), among Chinese electronics you can buy similar goods are fully branded, but at low prices. The most popular products among Russian-speaking customers become USB drives, flash drives, MP3 players, video recorders, mobile column, e-books, tablets and mobile phones.

Quality electronics from China

These are not to eat hot debate on the Internet - a radical opinions are divided into two camps. In order not to breed demagoguery, I give my personal opinion on the expense of the Chinese electronics in general. My experience in buying electronics is quite large - buying for themselves, and for those familiar with electronics Aliexpress. So let's talk about each group separately.

Car DVR . DVR from China it was the first that I bought not only with the electronics section, but the section of electronics. Its price in 2012 was about $ 12 - the cheapest DVR on Aliekspresse. Order, pay, received within 30 days - all the rules. The price in China was actually less than once every 2 or 3, I remember at the time there was a boom in the auto recorders than in electronics stores in the city and online stores. Externally and equipment does not differ from the local registrars, but during the operation povylazili distinct sides: even claimed the video resolution and frame rate is present in the settings, the quality was shooting at 0.3 megapixels, but about the night shooting generally keep quiet; All other functions are worked out as expected. Link to the registrar at the end.

A month later, my car smashed glass and stole it! This time I approached more responsibly to the choice of registrar with China: Read reviews, Seller Ratings, the number of sales. Ordered DVR price of $ 43 -There without comment - just the bomb! The level of the shooting has surpassed all expectations, even at night, plus everything in the kit was a second camera, which I put on the rear window of car. Record was from two cameras in two different files. No glitches, nor failures, good readability of fine details.

Graphics tablet for drawing Ugee M708. Browse and review video is already on site, however preliminary. After the operation my girlfriend say that deficiencies and problems have been identified. The real savings from the shop tablets 140%. Link plate at the end.

GPS for cars. Ordered in 2014 again with Aliekspress. Price $ 42. Che for the Operating System is not clear, but a lot of any similar applications Androyd present. GPS itself was surprisingly accurate, as stated up to 1 meter. The screen does not fade in the sun - it was readable, and most importantly did not brake, the movement was smooth. Russian language is adequate and relevant maps. The only thing that indicated in the commentary to what region you download maps.

USB flash drive USB. There is no comment :). After the first copy files to it - it was the first and the last. Do not format, nothing is deleted and not copied. Disposable, shorter in the course. It cost 50 cents. I bought another, for the same $ 1.5 - has been working for 2 years.

In fact it is only a small part of my orders electronics ... But overall, the statistics is that the price does not play a priority role - the main reviews and reputable seller from China

Electronics from China

And so concluded. Trust electronics from China may be under certain conditions and compliance with safety regulations. Electronics from China can be divided into 2 groups - "China" and "China's full."

Tips on how to buy a good electronics from China

1. Be sure to read reviews about the product and pay attention to the amount of sales.

2. Act like a woman in the bar. We are looking for the cheapest on the menu, and choose the position a little more expensive.

3. Read the product description carefully

4. If in doubt, ask us for advice! We Chuikov already trained.

5. Compare prices on electronics in China and the price you have in the city - perhaps it makes no sense to order in China.

Electronics from China is not a panacea, but in some cases, with good analysis, good tool for significant savings. Please take into account that this is purely my personal opinion about the purchases of the Chinese electronics. And the more my experience only a small part of the total weight range Aliexpress.

Thank you, you were Sergei Filatov. If you help, or simply enjoyed this article shall come into our community Vkontakte. Always fresh overview videos and reviews of real customers.

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