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Bike, Bicycles from Aliexpress Store

Bike, Bicycles from Aliexpress Store Bike, Bicycles from Aliexpress Store

Recently, we get a lot of questions regarding the purchase of a bicycle shop Aliexpress

So we finally found the time to write a little review and this review article. We will try to cover all the features of the search, selection and purchase of a bike on the official website Aliekspress. Whether it's a mountain bike, electric, road or universal.

Bicycle search Aliexpress

Find bikes in the store Aliexpress pretty simple: go to the official website Aliexpress aliexpress.com; then go to the section of sports and entertainment - camping and hiking - bikes. Or just the link. Before we offer a huge selection of bikes. To narrow the search, it is advisable to use a more detailed search on the left. Bicycles can be sorted by price, number of sales and rated store.

Price and delivery bicycle with Aliexpress

Of course the price of bicycles in Aliexpress is lower than anywhere else. However, you should consider the cost of shipping! Even if it contains the service free - it is not. Most likely, the cost of delivery is included in the total price. Since the bikes and the heavy load overall, 99% percent of the parcel will be sent to premium delivery services, such as EMS, DHL, TNT and others.

Electric bikes on Aliexpress

If you are interested in electric bikes, you may have already heard names like Monty, Tucano, Noratu, Audi, BMW, Cannondale ... All these names can be found in the store Aliexpress, well, or their analogues.

Kits for conversion into an electric bike

Do you want to buy a new electric bicycle? You can buy kits to convert, to turn your regular bike into an electric. It's a lot cheaper to buy a new one!

Carbon bikes at Aliexpress

Carbon bikes are quickly gaining popularity in the store Aliexpress. This is not surprising, because you can get them much cheaper than in the known stores such as Orbe, Aero, Decathlon, Btwin, Bianchi, Berria, etc. ... Dahon, Brompton ... are some of the most famous brands, engaged in aluminum folding bike.

Cheap mountain bike in Aliexpress

Not only that, you will find thousands of cheap mountain bike in Aliexpresse, you will also find many accessories.

Cheap Vintage bicycles in Aliexpress

Vintage bikes became very fashionable in our time, and as such can be very expensive. People spend thousands to buy old bikes and accessories. However, not all of us can afford to spend a lot of money on the bike, if that is the case, do not worry! Aliexpress has many vintage bicycles for women and men!

How to identify a good seller in Aliexpress bicycle?

In Aliexpress you can find cheap and high-quality bicycles. However, before you make a purchase you should pay attention to the amount of sales and feedback on the bike. Also not unimportant will contact the seller and to clarify the terms of delivery, price, packaging and other questions. After all, we are talking about are not small sums of money.

Bicycle accessories

If suddenly you are not interested in bikes, the store is also very rich in accessories to bicycles: tyunning, lights, reflectors, stickers, covers much more.


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