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Phones Aliexpress. Mobile Phones Aliexpress

And so, mobile phones from China - mobile phones with Aliekspressa! We will not discuss specific models, and talk in general: "Should I buy a mobile phone with Aliexpress?".


Since Aliexpress every month is gaining in popularity and become affordable and reliable buying mobile phones from China has become a reality.

Phones Aliexpress object of many disputes and disskusy concerning their reliability and quality. Yes, really Aliexpress can buy complete copies of such popular phone brands like Samsung, LG, Apple, Lenovo and many others. But their origin, or who do not know and purchase a mobile phone with Aliexpress associated with a greater risk, though the price is very tempting.

Buy by phone Aliexpress very simple - everything happens as in a normal shop only with 100% prepayment and the expectation of 10 to 30 days. The range of mobile phones is great as anywhere: any color and size, specifications and form factors.

If you decide to buy a mobile phone on Aliexpress, we recommend that you do not throw at all the big and famous brands. China has its own proven and reliable manufacturers. The quality and characteristics of not inferior, and a fraction of the price.

Here are some of the manufacturers: Xiaomi, Jiayu, ZTE, Cubot, Doogee, THL, Coolpad, Huawei, Lenovo.

Yes, a very important point Aliexpress not sell branded phones iPhone, LG, Samsung. Even if you specify that the original, it is likely a hoax - it's just an exact copy! All other mobile phones can fly safely, but after reading the reviews. They are usually found at the end of the page description free.

Select, purchase, order phone Aliexpress can chat online by going to the relevant section of "mobile phones". It's very easy especially as the site Aliexpress fully available in Russian.

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