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Glowing sneakers

Another novelty from the Chinese - sneakers with glowing soles! Well, how new? Rather - it is well forgotten old! Remember as a child sneakers with lights in the soles, which flashes when stepping on the heel? Here and meet well-forgotten old with modern technology: LED lighting, and lithium batteries.

Why is this time we have decided to talk about shoes with light soles? Sun just appeared on the Internet a lot of sites selling advertising and glowing shoes (sneakers or shoes glowing usually). Glowing sneakers trend in 2015.

No wonder. After all, summer is coming soon, discos, parties ... Wearing shoes with glowing soles, you will not go unnoticed!

Visiting with more than a dozen of both Russian and Ukrainian shops where you can buy glowing sneakers, several conclusions:

  • Price glowing sneakers on average 60 to $ 80 per pair
  • Availability little has everything under the order
  • Small lineup and scanty dimensional grid

And now the facts about sneakers with Aliexpress:

  • Price from $ 20
  • A huge range of adults, children, women, men. All sizes.
  • Delivery times are not significantly higher than the retail price.

What conclusions can we draw? People keep their money in a savings bank! And buy shoes with glowing soles in the store Aliexpress. According to custom, provided links to some models of shoes with soles on Aliexpress backlit. Unlike backlit models of sneakers in the new models have a built-in battery which is charged as a mobile phone. Nor any batteries is not necessary. How economical option to buy shoelaces diode (LED shoelaces)

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