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Bag or backpack for the camera. Where to buy?

Actual question for beginners and professional photographers - where to buy a bag, pouch or backpack for the camera? Naturally photo stores or online shop. But as it turns out is not so simple! Prices and range of this type of accessories really scary - the choice of backpacks for cameras is very poor, and prices pretty high.

Prices of cases and bags for photo equipment will start with $ 30, so, quite economy class. And if you need to fit more lenses, flash, filters, and so on? There has to be regarded backpacks for photographic equipment with lots of pockets and compartments. To buy a backpack for the camera you have to lay in a store of about $ 50-70. Not sweet, right?

Not every photographer can afford the bag, especially beginners. After comparing prices for a photo backpack in Chinese stores and regional, drew out of the situation itself. We present you the comparative characteristics of prices backpacks and bags.

Classic shoulder bag for the camera in the store will cost you 20 to $ 50, while the Chinese store Aliexpress 5-15 $.

Backpack for the camera in the store $ 50-70, respectively in China $ 20-40.

Various types of cases from 1 to $ 10.

The arithmetic is simple, you see. I think it makes sense to wait for a parcel 20-30 days than pay the double tariff.

In addition to backpacks, cases and bags in the sea Aliexpresse other accessories for photographic equipment of the same good price. All accessories are standardized under the famous brands of cameras, such as Nikon, Sony, Canon, Olympus and etc. By the way, all the above applies to the camera. And traditionally references on backpacks and cases for cameras in the price-quality ratio.

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