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Clothing from Aliexpress. How to choose and buy?

The most popular and most visited section in the Chinese online store Aliexpress the clothes. Hundreds of thousands of successful purchases of clothing is made by buyers from Russia and Ukraine on a monthly basis. This is not surprising, because the prices for men and women clothing and accessories several times lower than in your shops and markets.

This quickly benefited businesses and started selling in social networks and online stores. In this review, we will tell you and explain all aspects of the order of clothing from China, so in the end you can buy yourself and do not overpay.

Due to the immense popularity among the Russian-speaking population Aliexpressa developers have created a section in Russian clothing. Men's, women's and children's clothing are now fully translated into Russian.

How to buy clothes Aliexpress?

1. Let's move on to the section of the store 'aliekspress clothes Russian'

2. In the search bar, which is located above the list of goods include your any that you are interested in directly in Russian! Or use ready-made Group: Dresses. Blouses and shirts. Sewing Supplies. Accessories. Tops and T-shirts. Swimwear. Sweatshirts and sweaters. Jackets & Coats. Overalls. Carnival costumes wives. Underwear. Erotic clothing for women. Socks and hosiery. Sweaters. Sleep and rest. Jackets and suits. Jeans.

3. How to choose a dress size with Aliexpress? Nothing could be simpler - choose the size is the same as usual. In the description of each product has a summary table for the size of the transfer from one standard to another, as well as instructions on removing yardsticks. More razvkrnuto size selection in the article of clothing - Clothing sizes Aliexpress

4. How to apply and pay for the order can learn from the article Payment and delivery of goods from Aliexpress. But in fact, the problems you will not have - all in Russian. If, however, you are in doubt or have any questions - you can ask them.

Thousands of hundreds of garment manufacturers from China are ready to offer their products to anyone who wishes. The store is always available, as the last year's collection, and the new trends of the season. Menswear Aliexpress will be interesting topics: jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts. Women's clothing is popular Aliexpress huge selection of dresses, underwear and jackets. Children's clothing represented not a bad choice suits and kits.

Quality clothing Aliexpress not uniform - the same pattern can be sewn from a variety of materials, the cost varies accordingly. With regard to the quality of the sewing and cutting, then there can be calm. Through us as a mediator has passed hundreds of parcels with clothes from China, and so far only positive feedback! Again, do not forget that China sews clothes for all the famous brands such as Nike, Adidas and so on. Oh yes, about the brands - clothes Ali express a lot of proposals for sale of copies. Have the Chinese and their brands. In general, clothing from China began opening for speaking in Russian in 2014 and 2015.

Ali Express clothing sent to all corners of the planet, and usually other mail - ie sograschayutsya delivery time 20-30 days and do not be afraid of the declared 60. Believe me, risk and buy the first time since Aliexpress. That be not expensive. And when the parcel will come all your fears will be dispelled.

Enjoy your shopping and buy ozhezhdu Aliexpress so that were saved money!

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