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Lingerie from China - Shop Aliexpress

Underwear from China - a huge selection of products at the lowest prices worldwide. At the moment, the price of similar products on the world market is quite high, which is caused by high production costs, margins, taxes and other factors. Up to the end consumer price of underwear, even gross, inflated to 100 or even 200%.

However, in China, due to the large amount of labor, cheap labor and the labor of modern production product price is much lower. This attracts Chinese business online shopping a lot of buyers.

In addition, the price of laundry, even with delivery lower than your regional shops and markets, the current quality of Chinese manufacturers long ago reached the European level. Moreover, many famous brands bought lingerie wholesale from China to save money.

Men's and women's underwear from China

The most popular accessories, lingerie were: bras, panties, sexy gowns, pajamas, T-shirts, modeling, thermal underwear and many other species.

To buy underwear, just go to the website of the Chinese store Aliexpress. Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries have quite a lot of representatives and agents of the Chinese manufacturers. However, nothing prevents you to buy underwear in China alone both wholesale and retail.

In order not to make a mistake in the amount of underwear, Aliexpress sellers summary table for transfer to different standards. Believe me, underwear from China fully meet your expectations and hopes. Underwear from China is 90% of the range of local shops in your town. Why pay more? Buy clothes in China.

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