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Gillette razor blades from China (Aliexpress)

How to save money on the purchase of Gillette razor blades and Venus? The review will be useful for both men and women, using razors and shaving machines from famous brands Gillette and Venus different series.

Surely it is no secret that even a year ago, prices of interchangeable attachments for razors from Gillette bite and were not cheap purchase for people with average income! And what about now? Prices rose by 2-3 times! Buying razor blades became painful for almost any budget.

But, once again, the Chinese with their Aliexpress store come to the aid of the inhabitants of the CIS - sellers offer both original blade Gillette and Venus, and compatible counterparts. When you purchase the original blade Gillette savings of approximately 20-30% of the cost of the shopping in your area. Savings are achieved due to lack of store margins and transportation costs, as well as due to the lack of brand packaging. When you buy Gillette razors analogues made in China, you can save up to 300% of the cost!

Compare Razor (interchangeable blades) Gillette and compatible Razor (China)

We made a test purchase of the original replacement razors Gillette Mach 3 Razor and similar to Aliexpress:

Price. For the set of 8 pcs. Gillette Mach3 branded in-store price was 650 USD. (1300 rubles). The price in China for compatible Razor Blades 150 UAH. (300 rubles).

Quality. The plastic quality and appearance differ slightly from the original. In resource-level blade served with branded blades. The only thing for which we can not vouch for it as eco-friendly products, but, at least, our testers no adverse reactions from happening.

I think that this experiment can be applied to all the popular line of blades and Gillette Venus: mach3, mach3 turbo, fusion, Venus.

Who doubts what exactly he needs removable cassette, $ 6, you can buy a machine itself Razor.

Well, again for those who do not know - Aliexpress working on an advance payment and delivery time is approximately 10-30 days of payment.

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