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Graphics tablet Ugee M708 from China

Graphics tablet Ugee M708 from China Graphics tablet Ugee M708 from China

Surface video review graphics tablet for drawing Ugee M708 from China. Check flaws and shortcomings, picking and packing. And be sure to build quality.

Tablet surprisingly arrived or arrived very quickly - within 15 days after payment. The box was a whole, unwrinkled, dry. The only thing that he discovered at the customs in Ukraine so we had to check everything in the mail soon. Visual inspection of the graphics tablet revealed no damage and defects. Acquisition complete.

Build quality is high. In the hands does not creak, not flimsy - It is based on a metal panel. The case itself is matte plastic. All system and pressed the button elastic comfortable. Long USB cable, spare pens and stand.

After connecting to a computer graphics tablet (Win 7 64bit) Driver Disk without any problems. On the test drive proved himself well: a good sensitivity of the pen as a motion sensor and pressure. Full compatibility with products from Adobe.

Model UGEE-M708

  • Technology - Electromagnetic Digitizer
  • Active area (inch) 10x6
  • Pressure sensitivity 2048 levels
  • Sensitivity (rps) 230RPS
  • Resolution (lpi) 5080LPI
  • Working height (mm) 10 mm
  • Accuracy (inches) ± 0. 01
  • USB support
  • Handle P51 Size (l × W × h) 36 × 21 × 0.7 cm

To see all the offers sellers a finding Aliexpress store write Ugee M708. And do not forget the protective film immediately: Ugee screen protector Graphite Film for Graphics Tablet - M708 Special (Black)

Graphics tablet Ugee M708 from China

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