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Photo Products from China (Aliexpress)

Accessories for cameras and photo studios in Aliexpress pretty young section - flash, reflectors, tripods, soft boxes, light boxes, backgrounds for studio shooting and more for both beginners and professional photographers. Today let's talk about how to save money on buying a photo of the goods from China, on what can be saved, and what not.

Consider the example of Chinese shop Aliexpress. Buy, of course, can be everything - all photo products with Ali is much cheaper than the prices in the shops of your city and the market, but there are a number of positions, which are worth to buy a more responsible approach.

For example, you can safely order Accessories to cameras: filters, tripods, and Soft-Lighthill boxes, various reflectors and deflectors - usually it all goes from China and sold in your city for a premium. Moreover, the smaller the price of the accessory, the higher the percentage mark-up. From little things big range of accessories for decoration photo studio: colorful backgrounds, background with thematic paintings, wall stickers and more.

On these photos Aliexpress savings products from 50 to 200% of the cost in your area.

Buy things like flash and studio lighting in China should be carefully - carefully read the reviews about the seller, examine the equipment. Bo in the pictures they draw a lot of things, but in fact it is not. Just do not forget about the guarantee - well, then it just is not, there is always a risk of rapid failure of the Chinese photo art. Personally myself I say: "I ordered repeatedly studio lighting and no problems." When buying large photographic supplies in Aliexpress note the time and cost of delivery - it can be paid!

Lenses from China. Honestly, I do not know, do not collide and do not really want to check. Still, the price of even China is not small, but the quality of such products nameless doubt.

Photo products: light and soft boxes from China. What's that, and it can be purchased without fear. Any sizes, shapes, colors for you to choose from. Savings of about 2 times. Personally I ordered 5 or 6 times - all occurred within a month, always in the bag, excellent quality materials and tailoring decent. A similar situation with reflectors for outdoor and studio photography.

How to find a section of photo in Aliexpress? Very simple - go to the store page, ru.aliexpress.com write in the search bar you are interested in items (can be in Russian).

What conclusions can we draw? Save on the purchase of photographic supplies and accessories can and should, however, should determine for itself value and risk. Ordering photo products from China, do not throw to first hit, spending a bit of time to find the most likely find a cheaper or a better bundle.

Here is a list of Chinese photographic supplies and a link to the seller from whom I bought everything:

  • Lightbox
  • Soft Box
  • Reflector
  • The reflector on the flash
  • Set filters
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