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Covers phone from Aliexpress Store. Cases for mobile phones from China

Covers phone from Aliexpress Store Covers phone from Aliexpress Store

Covers and protective body is one of the best selling mobile phone accessories worldwide. The average price in Ukraine and Russia on the covers of the phone starts at 100 hryvnia (350 rubles). Price covers from China to the phone starts with only 50 cents - that count.

Cases from China you can buy in the store Aliexpress. Huge selection for all models and manufacturers. Leather, silicone, plastic, rubber boots striking variety of coloring and design. Mobile phone case not only performs protective function - in the modern world the original accessory for your phone no less important than, for example, the phone itself or wristwatch.

Covers and cases for phones have become an integral part in the lives of young people. Here are a couple of links for example:

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