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The analogue Action Camera GoPro. SJ4000 and Xiaomi from Aliexpress

SJ4000 SJ4000

I think everybody heard about this gadget as action camera GoPro. Many who want to get it, but to buy it can not afford and sometimes even wealthy citizens in mind its a pretty great value, not upityvaya heap of accessories to the camera are sure you need it. That is why, today, we look at two worthy counterpart GoPro cameras at a reasonable price.

For those who are in the tank Action Camera has properties such as: video recording with high resolution, high frame rates, wide viewing angle, water resistance, impact resistance ...

First People's Action camera that came to the masses and won the hearts of millions of buyers is Go Pro and to date has not had a decent analogues. Cheapest Go pro camera worth $ 150, and $ 550 is the most advanced. Well, in fact, money is not small!

And after a while, our friends the Chinese launches an analog camera Gopro Action and as always with similar parameters and adequate price! These cameras have become counterparts: Action Camera Sjcam SJ4000 and Xiaomi Wi-Fi Action Camera. By the way just want to emphasize that this is not a complete China SJcam Xiaomi and it's pretty well-known brands not only in China but also in the world. The price of Chinese counterparts Gopro camera range from 60 to $ 150, depending on the characteristics and the basic configuration.

But even if analogues GoPro and somewhere close to the characteristics of the original, the program filled with GoPro they do not stand next to. But this is not unimportant for comfortable use. Accessory analogs Go Pro cameras there - all in abundance on every occasion.

More detailed comparative characteristics of Gopro unique and original will not lead - look better on specialized sites. There and reviews, and accurate data, and video samples. This article is written simply to inform you that there are other cheaper options.

If you are too lazy to read reviews online counterparts gopro wool, we have posherstiv and concluded. Xiaomi appeared recently and reviews on it a little - rather difficult to assess. With regard Sjcam, then there is 90% of the reviews are good, people are satisfied with the quality of analogue against its cost.

In short, if you are looking for inexpensive analogue Action Camera Gopro and ready to be measured with the lack of minor functions to the level of inferior to the quality of shooting and the lack of guarantees, but at the same time, saving you from 300% to 500% of the cost - SJ 4000, what you are looking for.

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