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Aliexpress.com sites analogs or other Chinese shops

If for any reason you are not satisfied Aliexpress and you're looking for an alternative to, or analogs, then this article is for you.

Search Aliexpress unique sites can be caused by different reasons: dissatisfaction with himself, Ali, to compare prices with other stores, search for products that you do not find in Aliexpress and so on. But it is not about that - we consider worthy alternative to their differences, advantages, disadvantages.

What do we mean by peers Aliexpress? It will be other Chinese online shops with free international shipping. Actually tens of stores. All of them work on the same principle as Ali - 100% advance payment, free delivery to your country, the delivery time from 10 to 40 days by China Post.

The main difference between all the Chinese online shops are the following. While all have much in common. Personally, I was prompted to seek analogues Aliexpressa only a comparison of prices and range of goods.

  • Range
  • prices
  • The user interface (protection buyer)
  • Terms of delivery
  • Payment Methods

Chinese shops counterparts Aliexpress: LigthInTheBox, Gearbest, Tmart, DHgate and others.

For more information about the Chinese shops (how to buy, how to pay, how to find the package) can be read on our separate resource - China Shops.

I want to assure you that vyadli any other store you like more than Ali provided a comparison of the same product. Although the prices of goods in Aliexpress longer than other Chinese documents, a powerful buyer protection system and the speed of delivery, Ali will make you opt for it. Especially since Aliexpress fully translated into Russian. And the description of the goods on the Russian as well.

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