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Sale and resale of goods for business purposes from Aliexpress

Several working schemes for the sale and resale of goods with the purpose of earning Aliexpress.

We assume that you already have the tools to attract potential buyers of goods from Aliexpress. By tools we mean: online shop, sale on forums and message boards, and so on. In this review, we describe several ways, according to the principle that you can sell and resell goods with Aliexpress.

The first way - the classical resale. You make a wholesale purchase of selected goods in Aliekspresse and then sell at a premium. In general, there is nothing to describe.

The second way - the so-called dropshipping. The point of this method is that you do not buy goods in advance, you are looking for the customer by any means available, and then pass the order Aliexpress seller. This is your job ends - all the burdens on payment, shipment and delivery of goods takes over the seller, and you get some monetary compensation.

The disadvantage of this method of selling products - it is a great time delivery and a small fee. The positive side is the lack of need for the delivery of goods and solutions of any problems. All the hardships assume sellers Ali.

The following diagram is similar to the sale of goods mentioned above, however, you order the goods and deliver to the buyer Aliekspress themselves. You can work as a prepaid, and without it. That is, you yourself set the price for a particular item, buy it cheaper Ali - your earnings difference. You can work, as they say, under the order.

The only thing that you need to decide on the payment for the buyers. If this advance payment, the order can be issued directly to the customer by writing his address when purchasing on Aliexpress.

Either no pre-payment. Then you will have to order the goods themselves, and then to send a courier to the customer in the country with cash on delivery. This method is the most complex, but also in earnings it is quite high.

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