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We buy things from Aliexpress in Russian

Where and how to buy things in the store Chinese Aliexpress in Russian and in rubles. And especially when you buy things.

Things Aliexpress in Russian and in rubles

Under the things we mean clothes, shoes and other accessories. To get to the catalog of things to move on the Russian-language version of the shop: ru.Aliexpress.com. And to buy rubles choose in the top right corner of the store currency. However, I want to note that the price is incorrect, since the transfer rate when you pay will depend on your payment system, bank and other structures. Therefore, it's recommended to buy things in Aliexpress dollar.

Catalog items in Aliexpress

Catalog with things you particularly do not have long to find - on the left of the main page is already displayed all the main sections: stuff for women, for men things, things for children. For buyers from Russia has a special section MALL, speed of delivery items in this section is significantly higher.

How to choose the things in Aliexpress?

Selection of things in principle no different from buying any other online stores. The only recommendation that can give it to make purchases from sellers with good ratings and read reviews from real photos. You should carefully consider the choice of the size of things.

Should I buy things in Aliexpress?

Here you have to decide for yourself. In Aliexpress can be bought as a bad and good things. It all depends on your care and perseverance - before you buy something and take some time to carefully read the description and reviews about it. Only in this way the purchase will not disappoint you. Among the few drawbacks is worth noting a pretty big delivery times and a lack of opportunity to try on the desired object.

Personally, I am of the things in Aliexpress buy mainly T-shirts, socks, underwear and so on. Toe st mostly inexpensive small things that can be attributed season and boldly throw.

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