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Why on Aliexpress cheap goods?

A very common question among buyers newcomers in store Aliexpress. The cheapness of goods from China is caused by several key factors. Let's talk about each individually.

And so the goods Aliexpress why so cheap? Typically, the cost of goods in store following Chinese market in your region approximately 50-300%, depending on the type of product. This is not necessarily bad quality or fraud! The main determinant of prices is that you buy the product directly from the manufacturer - in fact it Aliexpress marketplace specifically for manufacturers.

Retail goods you get little or no extra charge, in contrast, from the stores in your area! After all, do not forget, the entrepreneur wants to make money on you, he must pay wages, taxes, and at least bring a lot of goods from China, and so on! That's cool and out the goods from China is cheaper in two or three times.

Also worth considering that Aliexpress cheap goods also because they have a very low labor costs, a huge number of productions and sellers competing.

As for the quality of budget and cheap goods with Aliexpress can safely say: "You can buy and need." What groups of goods should pay attention to, and with which we must be on the lookout, see the review article "What can I buy on Aliexpress?"

That's basically it. I think now it is clear why Aliexpress cheap goods! Do not be afraid, buy boldly - the likelihood of fraud in times less than buying, even in the CIS.

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