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Clothing from Aliexpress. Clothing sizes in the Aliexpress in Russian

As always topical and sore topic: clothes shopping in Aliexpress and sizing clothes. Quality clothing. Terms of paid and free delivery. Whether it is necessary to communicate with the sellers Aliexpress and how to choose the right size clothing.

Give a definite answer to the question: "Is it possible to buy clothes on Aliexpress?" - No, everyone must decide for himself. Well, at least, we recommend that you try by ordering something that is not expensive to test. Because each has its priority criteria for quality clothes, methods of payment and delivery. Let's look at each aspect in detail.

Quality clothing at Aliexpress. Clothing of the Aliexpress is well represented in all price ranges: cheap, average and high cost - respectively, and of varying quality. However, cheap clothes on Aliexpress not be immediately associated with poor quality. The price of the clothes Aliexpress depends not only on the material for sewing, and the complexity of the product, and delivery operation, the scale of production.

Well, for the cost of T-shirts in China begins with $ 1, if we consider that the cheapest T-shirts in your regional stores begin with $ 5, believe me buy five instead of one, with the same quality, you will agree it makes sense! I think it is no secret that the retail margin on goods from 100% to 400% - yet I have to earn for you. Especially that all so is sewn in China, even branded items. In principle, this rule can be applied to the whole of cheap Chinese clothing budget and mid-segment.

As for more expensive products (jackets, sweaters, coats, fur coats, etc.). It is worth carefully read the product description and customer reviews, pay attention to the rating of the seller. Leave your prejudices - quality clothing with Aliexpress long gone to the European level. The price of clothing Aliexpressa, as in all stores, depending on the quality.

How to choose the size of clothes on Aliexpress?

There is really nothing complicated. All clothing sizes are standardized in the product description is always a table to convert from one standard to another. You can also specify if the amount of non-standard size in the note to order. More razvkrnuto size selection in the article of clothing - Clothing sizes Aliexpress.

Free shipping cheap clothes with Aliexpress. That's one of the downsides Aliexpress (a Russian store in China) - delivery to your country would take 15 to 40 days. You can certainly take a toll delivery and reduce delivery time up to 7 days, but the profitability of buying clothes in Aliekspresse then vanish.

Another negative - you did not see a thing alive. All you need is to choose a photograph that can be retouched, and so look beautiful. Though the scheme return of the goods and there is, in practice it is very difficult.

And so do our subjective conclusion on Aliexpress cheap clothes with free delivery in the case of actual purchases simple garments such as T-shirts, underwear, caps and hats, various accessories. Buying these items will be safe, and they will not be lost even if you do not get into the resolution. Personally, I buy in Aliexpress shirts, T-shirts and shorts; sometimes sweaters and cardigans - savings from 50 to 100%, and the quality is similar to the market in my area.

Buy cheap clothes at Aliexpress or not - it's up to you! Cheap clothing from Aliexpress will not cure. But I recommend to try, just carefully read the customer reviews.

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