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What are the main differences and similarities between AliExpress.com and Alibaba.com?

What is the fundamental difference and similarities between Chinese shops by partner Aliexpress China and Alibaba. What you should know when shopping in Aliexpress?

1) All suppliers of Aliexpress.com is for, usually from China, ie while Alibaba.com has international suppliers as well as suppliers from China. Ie the range of goods on Alibaba much more.

2) The store Aliexpress.com payments are made on the Internet, when an order is placed and paid for funds held in Escrow (the seller does not receive the money until you get the order. This is one of buyer protection schemes). The buyers on Alibaba.com make payments through Western Union form so that a buyer or as not protected from fraud and to return the money in which case it will be difficult.

3) In contrast to Alibaba.com, which serves companies with large orders and is positioned as a wholesale store, Aliexpress.com provides products for both parties. As for the retail and wholesale customers, and has no restrictions on the minimum order.

4) Parcels on Aliexpress.com in 80% of cases are delivered by airmail, while Alibaba.com offers a choice of delivery by sea or air.

What you need to know before making a purchase in Aliexpress store?

The use of protection based on Alipay system buyers money to manage payments between sellers and buyers, can help prevent cheating customers, which was one of the main stumbling blocks to Alibaba.com. Nevertheless, there are problems that it decides.

Customers who buy products through Aliexpress.com will still have to deal with the same vendors that service on Alibaba.com. The only difference is that Aliexpress sellers do not receive money until the product will not be in the hands of customers. And this is not a bad incentive to agree to send you a quality product!

Potential buyers need to consider very carefully providers before making any purchases. Below are several grounds on which criteria you can spend Seller Aliexpress analysis.

Seller Aliexpress trades all in a row

For sellers on Aliexpress that sell everything from paper clips and finishing machines, should be treated with great caution - it is not normal. It is either fraud or reseller. Look for more specialized vendors in a particular group of products.

Unsociable Aliexpress dealer.

All reliable sellers always respond to any of your questions during the day. Before or after the purchase!

Aliexpress argues that there branded products in its range

Yes this is true. Many plants brands are located in China. So why not sell? However, when buying a brand carefully read the description and check the seller rating. Goods can only be a fake or a copy.

As a result, we can conclude that Aliexpress not a scam, but there are non-regional sellers, so you have to be careful and read the product description carefully before buying. Aliexpress unlike Alibaba, will be of interest to the retail customer, especially Russian-speaking. Since Aliexpress fully supports the Russian language. At least Aliexpress a subsidiary of Alibaba.

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