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Water Filters from China. Accessories and plug-in modules

Few people know where to buy water filters in China, and how you can save on their purchase. Everything is very simple! In Aliexpress store at the request of a water filter is 25,000 results. What you should pay attention to the range of, let's look in more detail.

As such, section filters for water in the china shop there, but you can find them by writing in the search filters for water or directly to what you're looking for - for example carbon cartridge. In the range of filters and plug-ins can be divided into the following groups.

By Type: Activated carbon, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ion exchange resins, ozone water purifier, reverse osmosis, UV lamps, reverse osmosis membranes.

In connection: under the sink, on tap, main filters, aquarium filters for soul.

In China you can find such well-known brands in the field of water purification like Brita, Pentek, Filmtec, Vontron and others. In addition to branded goods are a large variety of no-name products are compatible with the classical systems of water purification.

Now, on the feasibility of buying Chinese water filters.

Buy a system to collect, there is not any sense, since they marker, and then will be sent to the paid services. The price actually obtained in 2 times higher than in the shops of your city. Second, the quality and the guarantee! No one will not be responsible if the Chinese bulb suddenly burst when you are not home.

But it makes sense to buy a plug-in modules and accessories for water. They get to save up to 50% of the cost. On the little things such as valves, fittings, tubes and adapters up to 300% of the cost. We should also mention tips for crane and soul - here, too, is what to choose and buy.

And finally I want to say that after all such things as water filters that affect your health to buy in specialized shops of your city.

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