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Things Aliexpress

What you should know when buying things (clothes and shoes) with Aliekspress

Since our blog is dedicated to store Aliexpress - consider all aspects related to buying things from his example.

Things to Aliekspress shown in the fact that neither has the broadest product range and variety. Apart from Chinese manufacturers to Aliekspress things you can find global brands. And for buyers from Russia and the Russian factories.

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How to buy things on Aliexpress in Russian rubles or hryvnia?

It's no secret that the purchase of goods and items of clothing on Aliexpress carried out entirely in Russian: payment, delivery, choice. And for those who do not know, just go sending ru.aliexpress.com. All catalog items in Russian in front of you. Currency in the upper right corner you can choose the way you want - for the Russian ruble and the Ukrainian hryvnia for. But I recommend, though, to use the dollar as a course on Aliexpress approximate.

On what to look for when buying things on Aliexpress

Catalog things on Aliekspresse is huge, and lost in the vendors very easily. To safely buy things with Aliekspressa primarily pay attention to the number of orders and reviews of items desired. Among them are many reviews in Russian. The next thing you should pay the eye is the size.

Dimensions things on Aliexpress store

Buying things on Aliexpress, be prepared to spend some time to select the correct size. Depending on the seller's items can be specified in various standards, if not may be substandard. Details of the size of things Aliexpress.

Quality items at Aliexpress

Make a clear conclusion about the quality of things with Aliexpress impossible. Each thing, each seller is different. Read the reviews and watch the number of sales. Things to Aliexpress often as the delight and frustrate shoppers!

Catalog items Aliexpress on Russian includes:

Popular categories Dresses Blouses & Shirts T-shirts, jumpsuits, swimwear, Bottom, Skirts, Shorts, jeans, pants and capris, leggings, jackets and coats, sports jackets, sweatshirts and jackets, standard jackets, Trench coats, cardigans, pullovers, Underwear, Bras, panties, Formative lingerie, underwear sets, Night shirts, shirts, pajama sets, branded clothing, wedding dresses, wedding celebration, wedding dresses, evening dresses, graduation dresses, bridesmaids' dresses, Children's dresses, cocktail dresses, Brands Molla, T-shirts and T-shirts, shirts, suits and jackets, hoodies and cardigans, Jackets & Coats, bottom, casual pants, shorts, jeans, underwear and clothing for swimming, socks, clothes and accessories, Polo shirts, T-shirts, warm clothes, Trench Leather and suede, Top, T-shirts with 3D-prints, denim shirts, shirts, striped shirts in peas, torn jeans brands for men, Jackets, Baby, Dresses, Children's overalls, clothing sets, Outerwear & Coats, Pants and Accessories, Toys and Hobby, RC helicopters, soft toys, action figures, figurines and designers, street sports and entertainment, clothes for girls, dresses, clothing sets, tops and T-shirts, swimwear, accessories, family kits, Shoes & bags, first shoes for kids, shoes for girls, shoes for boys, school bags, shoulder bags, clothes boys clothing sets, T-shirts, Sweatshirts and sweaters, Outerwear & Coats, Jeans, Accessories, Baby, Changing Facilities, Physical Activity, Baby Care, backpacks and slings, Motherhood


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