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LED lamps from Aliexpress

LED lamps from Aliexpress Store LED lamps from Aliexpress Store

Review the purchase of two lamas led for home lighting with standard socket. Video Review, price, quality.

So why the decision was made to buy diode bulbs? It's simple - a powerful advertising campaign on the internet in recent years, namely the technical characteristics of LED light bulbs. Price, uptime and energy savings. The second factor was my aversion to yellow glow housekeepers!

I had booked two LED lamps cold white light under the power of 15W. Normal cap (large standard - E27). The cost of LED lamps was for $ 7 each. Dimensions bulbs accounted for 90 to 130 mm. After payment bulbs arrived in Ukraine for 20 days, well packaged in branded boxes. The cases present labels complies with international standards, which is very surprising.

The two LED lamps were working. The glow was really white and bright. It now remains only to find out how much they have worked for. Dealer Aliexpress gives a guarantee for three years. On the whole, satisfied with the purchase, the seller no complaints - positive comments.

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