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H7 halogen lamps for cars with Aliexpress

H7 halogen lamps for cars with Aliexpress H7 halogen lamps for cars with Aliexpress

Sharing experiences with the purchase of halogen lamps low beam H7 in China, but rather with Aliexpress. After all, it is somehow ugly of campaigning on China, and most do not buy it. Here is how it was.

The lamp beam (regular Philips 55W H7), and of course there was a question about buying a new pair. Reaching into a theme store for a long time I did not stay there - the cost of the most common halogen lamps started from 400 UAH per couple! In these troubled times throw the Ukraine after the money is not quite easy. Naturally reached into Aliexpress - no-name Lamp H7 6000K worth $ 1. And then I worked Jewish Odessa lived, went calculations. Even if I will change a halogen lamp in a month - still I'm saving. Doubts remain only as (brightness range).

Ordered 4 pcs. Bulbs come in 20 days, well packaged, not broken, all galogenki turned workers. Indeed, it was claimed, light white to 6000K. After a night test halogen lamps shine from China is quite not bad, anyway, I have not noticed a significant difference, especially since I basically just go through the city. At the moment, lamps from China have worked for almost a month. If you have worked for at least another 2 - I take a box of these. The only thing that has been declared power 100W, but in fact the brightness of the standard 55W.

There are many reviews on the internet that should be afraid of overheating and deformation of the plastic near the burning halogen lamp. In fact, really, if the lamp burned upon the 100W, I think, in my plastic headlight would hurt. And so it smartly. This seller from Aliexpress whom I bought the halogen lamp http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/BMzniu33B

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