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Sven on AliExpress

Sven on Aliexpress is a highly specialized brand aimed at the production of acoustic systems. Also, the brand deals with the so-called computer peripherals - keyboards, headphones, headset, uninterruptible power supplies and other electrical equipment.

The trade mark arose just in the year of the collapse of the USSR - in 1991. The name, according to the founders, was partly borrowed from the Svensky Assumption Monastery in Bryansk. The first products - network filters, were produced at the Bryansk Defense Plant.

The main factories and production of the company are based in the countries of the eastern region - in Taiwan and in China. It is thanks to the location of production facilities, and as a result of cheap labor and large volumes of production, the brand manages to form more than affordable prices for its products.

However, not only this factor influenced the demand for the brand. High demands on quality have allowed the Sven brand to succeed in the consumer. Today, the products of the Sven brand have demand and sales in the domestic market. From 2002 to 2009, the iXBT portal regularly awards the brand title "Brand of the Year" in the nomination "Computer-based acoustics". The company has its own research base and engineering center, where continuous innovations are being developed.

However, outside the CIS and China, they do not know about the products of the Sven brand. Despite only growing popularity, you can purchase and personally test Sven's products on the Aliexpress website. The search for budget acoustics of the domestic brand can be done right now, especially as this month Aliekpress rejoices the visitors with good discounts.

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