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Sony on AliExpress

Sony on Aliexpress is one of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world. In the production line of the Japanese brand - electronics for home and office, as well as game consoles.

Among other things, the corporation owns the recording studios Columbia Pictures and TriStar Pictures.

The history of the brand originates in 1946 in the revived after World War II Japan. Then, the Tokyo engineer Masaru Ibuka opened a repair shop for various electrical equipment and electronics in a half-ruined shopping center after the bombing. The first product of the new enterprise was a set-top box for radio receivers, which hosted foreign programs. It was this development that allowed the company to put together a small initial capital. Already in 1950 the company established the production of tape recorders, in 1955 released its first radio receiver, in 1960 - the first transistor TV.

Among the known developments is the PlayStation gaming console, released on the market in 1994, the Walkman player and the Cyber-shot camera. In 2001, together with the Swedish company Ericsson, Sony started producing mobile phones and smartphones. A kind of trademark is the introduction of its formats everywhere. For example, music files in Sony brand MP3 players are converted to their own sound format.

Today Sony is a monster of the modern global economy, one of the five leading brands in the world. Production capacities of the concert are based in Japan, the USA, Singapore and China.

Recently, the products of the Japanese brand Sony can also be purchased on the Aliexpress website. Especially popular among visitors Aliexpress use phones and tablets. However, the Sony brand products are not for everyone - sometimes an inflated price makes it inaccessible to the consumer.

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