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Scarlett on AliExpress

Scarlett on Aliexpress - one of the flagships among manufacturers of small appliances. This brand has long established itself as a reliable and affordable manufacturer of equipment, becoming a true brand in the sea of ​​hundreds of such "noun" companies.

Due to these and other qualities, the company enjoys considerable success with the domestic buyer.

As prosaically and predictably it did not sound, the firm was named after the heroine of the famous novel "Gone with the Wind" by Scarlett O'Hara. Thus, the manufacturer made a bet on housewives and did not lose. At the moment, according to Wikipedia, Scarlett is the No. 1 brand in the markets of Russia and Kazakhstan by population availability, and is in the top 3 in Ukraine. The most popular with the buyer are juicers, blenders and teapots from the company Scarlet. In total, the company's production line has several hundred models of equipment for the home.

No wonder that the products of this brand Scarlett are widely represented on the website of Aliexpress.

Despite the Russian-Chinese roots of the company, it is registered in the UK. However, the main factories and enterprises for the production of machinery are traditionally located in the cities of the Middle Kingdom and countries of South-East Asia.

There are a number of ambiguous and amusing facts about the company Scarlett. In particular, a scandal erupted recently in St. Petersburg due to the Scarlett irons. The ironing devices, allegedly, were stuffed with a built-in microphone and a module for connecting to a computer network via Wi-Fi. Specialists call the appearance of bugs a sign of industrial espionage. However, how reliable this information can be guessed. Let's hope that this is just a throw-in and the intrigues of competitors.


In the meantime, among the facts, there are hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers and reviews about the Scarlett technique. Find the product you want is the easiest on the website of AliExpress - it's fast, high-quality and cheaper than in the store.

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