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Redmond on AliExpress

Redmond at Aliexpress is a Russian trademark, focused on the production of household appliances. In recent years, Redmond's products literally flooded the counters of hypermarkets.

The main hobby of the company is multivark, although consumers are increasingly in demand from the consumer and such goods as irons, hair care products, fans, meat grinders and food processors from Redmond.

The brand appeared on the market in 2007. What is noteworthy, the company is registered in the US, but it is not sold in the states. In short, the American residence permit from the company is nothing more than a formality. In addition to the production of household appliances, Redmond specializes in the production of the so-called monocycle (unicycle). All products are assembled at the factories of China and Turkey.

Among the main technological achievements of the brand is the development of the first products of the Smart Home line, which can be managed on a smartphone from anywhere in the world. Innovation was introduced in kettles, multivars and floor scales.

For almost 10 years of existence, the dynamically developing brand has earned itself as an army of admirers, and an army of critics. The latter reproach the manufacturer for inflated prices, compared to the prices for similar products of other firms. But, the claims to quality are not made either by those or by others. Highlights the technique of Redmond among competitors and unique, modern design of products, as well as intuitive management. The brand uses the latest durable materials and the most advanced technologies.

Products of the Russian brand Redmond are widely represented on the giant website Aliexpress. Find the right thing here is easier than raiding your city's shops. Aliexpress will always satisfy your requests.

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