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Prestigio on AliExpress

Prestigio on Aliexpress is a European brand of digital electronics, which was registered in 2002.

The company is part of the AISBIS holding company (turnover of the company is 1 billion 482 million dollars) and produces navigation systems, car DVRs, tablet computers, smartphones, e-books, and many different gadgets for PCs.

In addition, the Prestigio brand is one of the fastest growing global vendors of LCD monitors and TVs, notebooks and accessories. Remarkably, Prestigio received two international certificates - ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, as a certificate of compliance of products with quality, safety and reliability standards. In 2013, social network analysts "Odnoklassniki" recognized Prestigio as the most popular brand of GPS-navigators. Currently, brand products are in great demand among buyers of countries of the former CIS.

Despite the manufacturer's assurances of exceptional quality, cooperation with European design bureaus and the use of modern technologies in the creation of the Prestigio product, the reviews among domestic buyers vary widely. Some argue that they were satisfied with the goods by 100%, while others, on the contrary, complain that they've wasted money. Among the main complaints are the poor quality of headphones and a weak battery on mobile phones.

The central office of the company is located in Cyprus, and production facilities are located in the cities of Korea, Czech Republic, Taiwan and Russia. According to the manufacturer, Prestigio products can be found in 70 countries. Recently, Prestigio products have expanded their list of brands on Aliexpress. The website of Aliexpress presents a wide range of products under the Prestigio brand, capable of satisfying the search for the most demanding customer.

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